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A weekly podcast with stand-up comedian Nick Cody and a special guest or two or three or none talking about all sorts of stuff.
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CRUSHIN' IT with Nick Cody

Nov 2, 2018

Nick is sitting alone in the carpark of a 7/11, on a Friday night, with a microphone and some thoughts on having too much lasagne, a license to be a plane passenger and who he would hit with a brick in the apocalypse.

Oct 18, 2018

Cody has had some froffs at the airport and no one is home. A new dad in a quiet house, he breaks out the recorder and talks some absolute bollocks.

Taking on a girlfriend's dad in a drinking competition, refusing to pay for hotel wifi, Fight Christmas and accidentally starting an internet fight against adult aged fans of wrestling.

Some upcoming gigs:

Cam's Cause Fundraiser - 20th October - Keilor Hotel, VIC

The Dollop LIVE - 26th October, Arts Centre - Hamer Hall, VIC

Instagram - @thenickcody

Aug 23, 2018

Howdy legends.

This episode I'm joined by good mate/bearded legend/ex Special Forces/current mountain ass kicker, Mark Direen.

Mark was an Aussie soldier for yonks and now runs Point Assist. A company that specialises in adventure travel, performance coaching & security consulting.

Mark is an all-round top bloke and I was stoked to have a chat with him over many froffs.

Enjoy. x

Check out the Point Assist website - & on Instagram here @point_assist 

May 24, 2018

HOT DIGGITY! This episode I'm with my good ol' mate and a man that has made me spew numerous times, Kev Toonen.

Kev is a performance coach for the Australian Special Forces and runs Strength Elite, which is all about athlete development & coaching. He also is a major part of 98 Gym, a kickass gym in Sydney and one that I've had the pleasure of passing out in front of.

We have a proper chin wag about training, shit Instagram accounts, blowing out and many other things, including my favourite athlete of all time, Kenny Powers.

Follow Kev on the Insta @strengthelite and get on down to 98 Gym, 98 Riley Street, Darlinghurst.

Nov 22, 2016

My great buddy, Andy Vo, swings by my house to chat about his love of food. He had a highfalutin corporate gig and ditched it to flip burgers at a fancy place in Melbourne. He travels the world finding food he loves and tells me all about it.

Really informative and funny, he made me want to figure out how to use my oven, try goat blood pizza and told me his true feelings on the TV show, Masterchef.

Follow him on insta: @andyvo20

Head to his awesome work and grab some top burgers

Nov 22, 2016

Legends! Apologies for the long break. I had a couple things on. Touring, getting a prostate exam, proposing to my future wife, eating meat, drinking froffs...the usual shit.

Crushin' It returns with an absolute belter of an ep. Top mates/great comedians, Tommy Little & Lehmo, have a chat with me on a sunny November day about their respective times in breakfast radio jobs. Lehmo is an Australian radio stalwart, Little on the other hand, got in, kicked it in the dick and hit the bricks.

We eventually get to it after chatting about the Spring Racing carnival. Just usual loose unit stuff.

Check out Tommy Little on "Whose Line Is It Anyway", Lehmo on "The Project" and make sure to catch both Tommy and Lehmo on their upcoming Australian stand-up tours.

May 5, 2016


Pranks are great fun. To remain a child at heart, you and your friends should pull pranks on each other regularly.
What about if you don't like the person though? Is it still a prank?
At what point does a prank become vandalism?

I chat with kickass comedians Daniel Sloss (Scotland/Child) and Luke Heggie (Sydney/Bevan) about the best pranks they've been apart of, ones we want to do in the future and much more. It was super fun. Just listen to it...then pull my finger and grab some of this gum out of the weird packet.


May 5, 2016

Gambling! Australian's are the world's biggest gamblers...Which is bullshit because I had $50 on England.

I chat to comedians Daniel Connell and Ray Badran about their gambling history and my own silly punting experiences. Daniel stopped 5 years ago after losing a lot on the ponies. Ray turned up to the interview having just won cash on the pokies. Swings and roundabouts.

We chat about our biggest wins, losses, our families gambling problems, why owning a horse is a bad move and much more.

It's an absolute corker. You'll laugh a lot and then want to see them perform live, which is easy if you follow these links.

Daniel Connell
@DanielC0nnell3 - Twitter

Ray Badran
@raybadran - Twitter

If you want to see me, that's easy as well! I'm on tour at the moment with my new show "COME GET SOME"

@thenickcody Twitter | Instagram | Snapchat


Feb 26, 2016

This episode I hung out in the badass man cave at Doherty's Gym in Brunswick and had a chat with Tony Doherty.

Tony is the owner/creator of Doherty's Gyms, a highly sought after motivational speaker, promoter of the Arnold Classic Australia (one of the world's largest multi-sport events) and a whole lot more.

We cover everything from how he started in 1994 with a truck full of busted gym equipment and $250,000 in debt, the importance of risk taking, travelling the world for work, hanging with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Instagram battles and how beer is holding me back.


March 18th, 19th & 20th

Follow Tony on Instagram - @tonydohertyoz



Thanks again to all the legends who have donated throughout the week by purchasing my stand-up comedy special "Here's Trouble" from

For those that haven't seen it yet, 100% of the sales are going to #CaringForKian, a charity raising money for Kian Musgrove, a little boy from Northern England who needs radical cancer treatment in the US.

Get the special (100% of sales this week go to Kian) by clicking here - Nick Cody "Here's Trouble: Live at The Metro Theatre"

Donate to Kian directly here -

Feb 22, 2016

This week, hilarious English comic, Kai Humphries, meets me in London to discuss the unbeliveable charity work he is doing (and getting others involved with) for a little kid by the name of Kian Musgrove.

Kian is a little three year old dude who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer.

Kai, with the help of a bunch of absolute legends, has gone about raising over 450,000 pound (I can't find the pound sign...dammit) and is now just 100,000 pound short of the 550,000 target to get Kian over to the United States for a breakthrough treatment.

Don't despair, Kai talks about how much of a trooper the little dude is and how positive it is all looking.

We also cover some hilarious pranks his old housemate, comedian Daniel Sloss, pulled on him and what happens when you are chivalrous in Bourke St McDonalds.



Feb 13, 2016

Josh Earl (Spicks & Specks), Ben Lomas (Comedy Channel) & Danny McGinlay (The Project) have all become parents within the last few years and came over to my place to talk about it. Well, Danny had to call in. He was at my place but had to take his toddler home for a nap.

It's a cracking and hilarious hour that is made even better by the fact that my old podcast co-host, Bart Freebairn, sits in to help me wind up the guys about how much free time we have as childless champions.


Check out the comedians online - they all have tours coming up.

Josh Earl

Ben Lomas

Bart Freebairn

Danny McGinlay

Feb 4, 2016

Mark Donaldson is a member of the SAS (Australia's elite Special Forces unit), a Victoria Cross recipient, was the Young Australian of the Year in 2010 and is just an all-round top bloke.

We chat for just over an hour about a whole lotta stuff. The SAS, getting in gunfights, eating sheeps eyeballs, pranks, corporate gigs, the best thickshakes and what Buckingham Palace is really like.

I then put him through a test as hard as the SAS Selection Course. The Crushin' It Quiz: Rap Lyric or Conor McGregor quote.

GET HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY! Hardcover/Digital e-Book/Audiobook available.

Mark Donaldson - The Crossroad
A story of Life, Death & the SAS

Follow him on Instagram - @markdonaldsonvc